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Students studying: fitness, health, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, sports therapy, physical education, masseurs, BTEC and NVQ qualifications.

Chartex charts provide essential educational information relating to anatomy and physiology and fitness training.  The charts educate on important areas such as how to develop a fitness training programme specific to different sports and athletic events as well as general health and fitness.

The Nutrition chart advises on what, when and why to eat certain foods to improve sports performance.  The weight training charts link the major muscles working with exercise technique.  The Inflatable Ball Charts consist of a series of stretching exercises plus three levels of exercises to improve core stability.

The stretching charts provide a comprehensive range of exercises for the different areas of the body.

The anatomy and physiology products come in chart format as well as in ring binder manuals.  They consist of the muscle system, the joint system, the nervous system and the heart and circulatory system.  The Charts are excellent for hanging on the walls; the manuals are the perfect student learning/revision resource with charts and revision sheets in each manual for each system.